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Provisional September 2017 Results Live Now

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Provisional September 2017 Results Live Now
by ICEP Support - Thursday, 1 February 2018, 10:32 AM

Dear Students,

                         Just to make you aware thar provisional grades for the September 2017 cohort of students are now available to view. These results can be subject to change as they still have to reviewed by the board at UEL. Wishing all students the best of luck

 Just to let you know,that there are instructional videos available to view grade and feedback. If you would  follow the below steps for access:

If you go to the Module you had undertaken for this period and take the following steps:

  • Go to Upload Assignment Here
  • Click My Submissions
  • When you see your assignment,click on title
  • When it opens,top left hand corner click grademark
  • Click on the Speech Bubble Icon: Bottom Right Hand Corner
  • Here there will be individualised feedback from your tutor
  • As you scroll down through assignment you will see feedback from tutor,hover over it to display
  • Finally bottom left you see print icon,click on print PDF of current view.This will give you a copy to save.

Kind Regards