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Important Notice; new and existing students

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Important Notice; new and existing students
by ICEP Support - Friday, 10 February 2017, 9:26 AM

Dear Students,

If you have not already registered with UEL Direct (for such services as gaining access to the online library). Please follow the below steps to carry out this tasks.


How to log in to UEL Direct
1. Log on to
2. Enter your user name (e.g. u0699999, UEL Student number)
3. Enter your network password (your initial password is your date of birth in the format dd-mmm-yy I.e. enter 29-feb-80 if your date of birth is 29 February 1980)
4. Go to the tab “My Record”
5. In your Intray, under “To Do List”, click on action “Please Enrol with UEL”
6. Follow the on-screen instructions

Please ensure all students press the 'Store/Continue' button at the end of every page and the 'Finish' button on the last page in order to ensure their data is saved. They must work through all pages in order to fully complete the enrolment process.
Demos for UEL Direct and Enrolment Online can be found at the following address: